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Divine Love® Herbal Conditioner for Hair Review !!!

Divine Love

Hey Guys,

Today I am so excited to share this Hair Conditioner from Divine Love with you guys. Why am I excited Well the reason is I am one of the first bloggers to review this brand’s conditioner and secondly I am absolutely in love with this product.

If you are a regular reader on HCS you might know I absolutely treasure natural hair care products and hacks and when Divine Love company offered me to try their products I was super excited. This hair conditioner as I mentioned earlier is a herbal hair conditioner made up of Aloe Vera, Amla, Henna, Hibiscus, Fenugreek and Lemon. All the ingredients that I use on regular basis in my DIYs for hair care.

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Andrea T, Melbourne

I’ve been using Sim’s Divine Love shampoo, conditioner and hair oil for the last 8 years and adore them. Always looking for the ‘perfect’ hair products I realised I had hit the jackpot after trying Sim’s. I sell them to others saying if you don’t like them return them to me and I’ll give your money back and I mean it, although it has never happened yet. People love these products like I do. A friends 14 year old son, whose mother used the shampoo and conditioner, saw mine in my bathroom and asked me ‘why is that shampoo better than the others? ’Who knows' I said, 'you’d have to ask Sim.' Although not using shampoo with laurel sulphates in is an obvious bonus because your hair doesn’t dry out over time and stripped of natural oils. I will never stop using Divine Love…. you can’t improve on perfection. And I’m not exaggerating.

Salli T, Melbourne

I have been using Divine Love hair shampoo and conditioning products for many years now and have complete confidence in them. I have long, baby fine, sun damaged blonde hair that has been permed and coloured from time to time. The Divine Love products are gentle and have helped my hair to recover and revitalise. They keep my hair well nourished, tangle free, shiny and silky to touch. The shampoo and conditioner are natural and have a 'Divine Love' signature fragrance that Is always refreshingly lovely. I have to say I am fussy but I absolutely trust these products on my hair for daily use and will not use anything else.

Oxana P, London

I have been using the Divine Love shampoo and conditioner for over two weeks now. I have to say that I expected it to be good as I love all your products but this time I am very much delighted by the results. So much so that I now use the product every other day as I afraid I will run out of it too soon and will not be able to replace it when I need it. My hair feels light, shiny, clean and voluminous. I get a lot of compliments about my hair from people I meet and it certainly helps me to feel good and confident. In addition, I have noticed that I have less hair loss as well as I wash my hair everyday. Thank you very much for such a lovely shampoo & conditioner which is going to be my favourite hair product for a long time.

Swami Krishna, Melbourne

Divine Love products - the best shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste and incense I have ever used and liked ....

Nikhil C, Indore

I am not as fussy as the wife when it comes to products and generally use whatever I find laying around the bathroom (read: the little lady’s products), generally leading to some very… flowery fresh smelling hair more often than not. Now, my hair is very curly, and from what complaints I hear around the house they are “prone to a lot of breakage”. The consistency of Divine Love shampoo and conditioner initially threw me off since I am used to thicker shampoos and thinner conditioners. But, once I got used to it, the results were pretty nice. My scalp felt clean, like all the typical build up had taken a holiday. However, as a guy who washes his hair daily, I tend to skip on conditioner. And that can’t be done with this combo. The days I skipped the conditioner my hair felt coarse, dry and super tangled. When used properly, my hair felt soft, smooth, and the curls were pretty easy to work with for once. Personally, I am not a fan of the herbal fragrances so it’s good that after about 10 minutes of showering the scent disappeared. The wife noticed that it did arrest my hair fall and dullness too. All-in-all even I’m pretty happy and would continue to use it.

Pallavi C, Indore

Divine Love Shampoo & Conditioner works great as a team for beautiful hair. I love how it has a wonderful cooling effect. During summer, it would be nothing less than perfect. After using this combo, my hair felt light, soft and silky. It also gives a lot of volume to the hair, taking care of each individual strand. In fact my hair feels so luxurious that I don’t want to take my hands off it. Not to mention, the healthy shine is so gorgeous. The scalp also feels squeaky clean and literally, cool. The fragrances take a little getting used to but the pungent strong scent does not stay for very long. Within about an hour the strength is diminished and only a faint, pleasing herbal scent remains. It did clear out the tiny dandruff-like flakes problem that I was encountering due to severe winter. However, the problems DO come back if you discontinue using the products. All in all, I am more than happy with the performance and the price point of both the shampoo & conditioner.