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Divine Love Ayurvedic Incense
Divine Love Ayurvedic Incense

100 (Inclusive of GST)


:   DLAI01
:  One recyclable container containing 25 sticks plus 1 holder

Pure Herbal Ayurvedic Incense

  • Contains more than 25 botanical ingredients.
  • Made in a base of wood powder.
  • Contains no charcoal.
  • Burns gently leaving a sensual, lingering fragrance.
  • Each stick burns for 35 – 45 minutes.
  • Excellent for relaxation, meditation and general well being.

Since ancient Vedic times, India has used incense at all auspicious occasions, religious and social festivals and for all types of celebrations.

Use Divine Love® Ayurvedic Incense in your daily life, for celebrations and gatherings to create a natural atmosphere of togetherness, to purify your surroundings and uplift your inner being with a feeling of devotion to enjoy life and its beauty. Let the aromas of this beautiful incense fill you with love and blissfulness.

Each Divine Love incense stick is crafted in the ancient Indian tradition of incense making, using the finest botanical ingredients - herbs, gums, resins, rare spices, natural powders and premium essential oils.

The purity and naturalness of the ingredients used ensure the release of a rich, captivating, sensual aroma.